About Youth Exchange
The Rotary International Youth Exchange (RYE) is a high-impact cultural immersion experience that enables thousands of young people to travel to distant parts of the world each year to live and study in a different environment.
The Rotary Youth Exchange program, which began in 1929, has become one of the most respected exchange programs in the world.  Each year, more than 8,000 teens from more than 80 countries participate in the program.
RYE is a 3 year commitment:
1st year:  Student prepares for exchange
2nd year: Student experiences immersion and is a student ambassador
3rd year: Student reenters the U.S., re-integrates and reflects while helping out as a Rotex with District events.
Exchange students are supported by Rotarians throughout the entire exchange.  District 7430 is part of the Eastern States Student Exchange (ESSEX). ESSEX includes many districts in the northeastern United Sates, eastern Canada and Bermuda.  Exchange students have a network of supporters in their host country and home country.
The reason the fees are so much lower than other exchange programs is RYE is run by volunteers.  Each volunteer working with students is required to complete background checks which are monitored by the US Department of State.  
Around September 1st each year, the application is posted on the ESSEX website for students wishing to be an exchange student the following academic year.  District 7430 has interviews in early November each year.  (Applications must be completed and approved by your local Rotary club before attending the district interviews.)  Starting in January, the students accepted into the RYE program will begin their journey as an exchange student.  Monthly orientations are held to ensure students have a successful exchange year.  Most American students will depart for their exchange year in August and remain in country until June or July.  Upon return to the United States, they are considered a Rotex by Rotary and become an alumni of the RYE program.  Rotex will help the next group of exchange students prepare for their year abroad.
This is an exchange program.  ESSEX will not allow us to send out more outbound students than the total number of inbound student commitments.  We will ask for your assistance finding host families for the students coming to America for exchange.  
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