Are ready to apply?

As the Rotary Youth Exchange program is highly selective, you should apply early — up to a year in advance of when you wish to leave. For example, for long-term exchanges, selection takes place in the fall prior to the year you will make your exchange. If you wish to travel abroad during your junior year, you should apply in September of your sophomore year.  Once you are selected, your sponsoring Rotary club and district will work to prepare you for your year away. You will be guided through a series of orientation sessions, preparing you for your exchange.


  • You need the sponsorship of your local Rotary Club. Each club should have a Youth Exchange Officer designated by their club President. If you are unable to make contact send the district committee a short note by using the "contact us" button and tell us where you live and what high school you are attending.
  • Download the long-term application from the ESSEX website. Most of it can be filled in and saved to your computer. The application must be typed.
  • One original OFFICIAL school transcript and 3 copies are mandatory.  Please check with your High School guidance counselor to secure your OFFICIAL transcript.  To be official, a transcript must have the school's raised seal on it.  You must request the school recommendations and transcripts. The medical and dental forms need to be completed by your doctors.  Please complete your personal information before printing them and asking the doctors for additional information and signature. HINT, complete one copy and make three more copies before you, your parents and doctors sign the applications. We need two complete applications for the district, one for your local Rotary club and one for you to keep as a back up.



  • Other forms that must accompany the Application:

Independent Travel Rules - one copy
Country Selection List – with top 5 countries noted

  • Be prepared to be interviewed by your local Rotary Club. This is your opportunity to tell them how important being an exchange student is to you. Know a little about what Rotary is all about before the interview.
  • When the District receives your applications you will be called to set up a time for your District Interview. This will take place sometime in November. At least one parent should accompany you, both are preferred.
Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE)