Being a host family
Hosting a Rotary Exchange Student is an enriching experience for all members of your family.  Rotary Exchange Students want to learn about the American Culture from living with local families, attending local high schools and participating within local Rotary Clubs. Host families are the primary means of teaching these students the real American life style and in turn your family will experience another culture and learn about the world beyond our borders.  Rotary differs from many international exchange programs in that our students generally live with 2 – 3 families during their exchange year. This gives the student a more well-rounded experience in a culture, having experienced family life from multiple perspectives. It is also less of a commitment for host families; the typical length of stay is about three to four months instead of a full year.
It is expected that the exchange student will become a member of your family. As a host family, it is your responsibility to provide room and board for your student. You are also expected to exercise general parental supervision over the student just as you would your own children, and involved him or her in daily household chores and activities.
However, most host families' involvement with their student does not stop at room and board. The families often share their native background while also learning about their students' culture. This does not mean that you have to arrange elaborate entertainment, but simply make the student a part of your family. Give him or her the opportunity to share in the same aspects of your family life that most teenagers experience.
Family from all walks of life make great Host Families.      
  • Families do not need to be affiliated with Rotary to host Rotary Exchange Students.     
  • Families with small children make great host families because young children get the experience of having a big brother or sister and the exchange students often enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of practicing their language skills with a younger child.   
  • "Empty Nesters" or retired couples are good too because they can have more time to spend with their student than younger parents do and they often enjoy having a young person around the house.
  • Families with high school age children are ideal because host brothers and sisters can quickly get the student involved in school and community activities.
  • A single parent host family with a child in the family also can make a great host family
Suggested Host Family Responsibilities include:
  • Most Rotary Exchange students have 2-3 host families during their 10 months of exchange
  • Meeting your exchange student on arrival into the USA
  • Helping the student master the language and assist with school work
  • Help the student overcome homesick or culture shock
  • Encourage the student to get involved in school and community activities
  • Help the student meet Rotary obligations, which usually include attending Rotary meeting and activities and District Youth Exchange meetings.  *Rotarians are always available to help out with transportation
  • Seeing that students meet other young people
  • Provide a safe environment for the student and ensuring the student's safety 
  • Being tolerant of differences
Your local Rotary Club is looking for good Host Families to support this awesome program. They will support you during this journey in many ways.
  • You will receive an in-depth training/orientation session prior to the students arrival
  • A Youth Exchange Officer will be assigned to you throughout the experience for help and guidance and who will keep in touch with you at least once a month
  • Help you with transportation, as needed
  • The student will also be assigned a Rotary Counselor as a mentor
  • All students come with Health Insurance coverage
  • Rotary Exchange students receive an allowance from the Rotary Club each month (approx. $100-$125/mth) 
Host Sisters Vacationing with Host Family!
Sharing the Holidays! メリークリスマス