Do you want to spend a school year in another country as an exchange student?
As a Rotary Youth Exchange student, you will spend a year living with a host family in a country other than your own.  You may learn a new language; you will learn a new way of living - and a great deal about yourself.  But there's more.  While you're busy learning, the people you meet will be learning, too - about your country, your culture, and your ideas.  You will be a young ambassador.  You will be helping to bring the world closer together - and you will be making some good friends in the process.
Are you ready to.... 
  • Form international friendships
  • Learn new ways to communicate
  • Gain a fresh understanding of yourself and others
  • Immerse yourself in a different culture
  • Appreciate others' ways of doing things
  • Act as an ambassador for, and educate others about your country
If you are ready for the challenge - and the rewards - of living in another country as an exchange student, then your are ready to discover new worlds through Rotary Youth Exchange program.  For more information, Contact Us.
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