Having undergone the multiple orientations that are part of the District 7430 Youth Exchange Program, the students are ready and excited to experience life in their host countries.
Students can only fit so much in their luggage, and they have to decide on what to bring. Students are advised to bring a selection of gifts for their future host families and friends that they will make in the coming year. These gifts can be related to the student's hobbies, family, hometown, high school, favorite sports team or anything else. Whatever the gifts be, they will come to symbolize the student and the USA for their recipients.
As the date of departure draws nearer and nearer, the final details of the exchange (e.g. hosting Rotary club, first host family, the school, etc.) become known. Eventually the day has arrived and it is off to the airport! After the tough good-byes that accompany the airport drop-off, exchange students often get to meet a number of other students who are also en route to their host countries. This is a group photo taken of exchange students outbound to France. The students are wearing their Rotary blazers, which have proven helpful in many situations. Many people recognize the blazer and are willing to help you if you ever need. Because Rotary is a world-wide organization with Rotarians everywhere, we often hear stories of exchange students being approached by Rotarians who just happen to be walking by.